Sunday, February 26, 2017



An update after two days of procrastination.  Had there been incidents in your life that have left you unhappy and yet bewildered at the ease at which they come and affect you?

A recent incident put this in perspective for me. Quite recently I was termed as a glutton which like me doing some head scratching.  While I do love a good meal better than most I saw never one to overeat and not at anyone else's table at any rate.

While little depressing,  I thought that I should get the figurative reason from the horse's mouth itself. So when I spoke to my accuser I was told that when someone offers you a tiffin you are intended to take a pinch of food and then stop.  😱

Where I'm from one doesn't stop till the tiffin is empty.  Food is plentiful and meal times a free for all. You need not share if you don't want to but you never whine when someone eats a good portion size. Takes me back to the good old days of childhood where under the table sandwich passing and shared tiffins were the norm.

And what an experience it was.  Walking around with a spoon tasting everyone's food, critiquing aunty's efforts for the day and how it could have been better have us a closer bond with each other. It also gave us effective ice breakers when we meet or friends parents. What is it about growing up that makes us more selfish and judgemental?  Where does the honesty in us go when we age?  I was of the opinion that people matured as they aged and became better as their rough edges were worn off by society.

Now that we're older friendships becomes something that has utility and not out of shared interests.  Does life make us so cynical that we have become jaded? Looking at the world through jaundiced eyes of apathy and disinterest when things don't involve us?  I think at the end of the day we seem to forget that it usually childhood bonds that serve us best.

In the end though after a little gloom the sadness settled down and I realised it's our differences that make is unique and that it would be hypocritical to ask for acceptance without offering it in turn.

Till next time.

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