Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Because our love is poetry

To hold my love under those vines.
Look my fill at her kissable lips.
Those doe eyes sear my soul.
My goddess clothed in saffron,
Leaning on a wall so white.
The beautiful green of the bower surrounds us,
Hides our love from peering eyes.
Dark closed spaces, wandering hands,
To surrender to our passion our hearts demand.
Stolen kisses and treasured moments abound,
As the world passes by around.
Flaws seen and accepted as love bloomed.
Highlighted by the tail lights of the world speeding on their way.
To each, the other being the face that launched a thousand ships.
Our moments together, like Helen and Paris, are fleeting,
Separation a hurt we endure knowing that tomorrow we look forward to this pain again.
The pain of love separated yet true.
Us the lovers of Prometheus curse for the sake of love,
This is not torture for us for we knows that it reminds us that our love will not yield to even Hades' fire.


  1. Nice blend of emotions and Greek touches. Keep more of the poetry flowing.

  2. Enjoyed reading this one... Began in a Keatsian way in the line of the Romantics and developed in a different style! You have great promise in poetry along with prose.

    1. Irony is the fact that it was unintentional. Started out like Keats but could not carry it forward.